That pillar of the internet-based automotive community, Edmunds, is once again first to drive a major new vehicle and this time it's the Hyundai Azera. The article is brief but packed with info about the Azera that we didn't know, like it's 3.8L V6 with 263 hp makes the Azera the fastest Hyundai ever and you'll be able to get one fully loaded for under $30K.

We never noticed before how different the Azera's shape is compared to the Sonata's. The body lines are much more organic compared to the creased sheetmetal of its baby brother, though both share many common design touches. We're putting a call into Hyundai right now to fill a spot in the Autoblog Garage with the Azera, even if we'll be driving the sloppy seconds of Edmunds. [Thanks Joel for the tip]

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