The hardline UAW member organization Future of the Union disclosed the details of the Delphi proposal to the UAW on its self-described "rank-n-file UAW website" Tuesday.
The proposal, which Delphi plans to implement January 1, does not assume any GM support, and suggests that Delphi "may be able to provide a higher level of benefits" with GM's help. If the company is unable to reach an agreement with the union, Delphi will ask the bankruptcy court to throw out its UAW contract.

Proposal highlights:

  • reduced hourly wages will range from $9.50 for "low production" workers, to a high of $19.00 for skilled workers

  • no cost of living adjustments

  • overtime paid at time and a half, after 40 hours

  • holidays reduced to 10 days/year. No Christmas Holiday Period.

  • all JOBS Bank employees will be laid off

  • Delphi will have unrestricted rights to close, spin-off, or sell any plant or business unit

  • Delphi can lay off or release any employees unnecessary to operations, at its discretion

  • eliminates restrictions on outsourcing

  • all non-core skilled trades work will be outsourced

  • no strikes, work stoppages or slowdowns permitted during the term of the agreement

  • hourly-rate employee pension plan frozen, and Delphi may terminate it entirely

The Delphi proposal says a new business plan for the company will be completed by December.

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