Delphi seems to be looking for a fight with the UAW, judging by a glance at the latest labor agreement proposal. The previous wage offers in the $10-12/hour range were likely enough to provoke a strike, but now the company is looking to drop base wages for current employees to $9.50, with new hires coming in at $9/hour. Cost-of-living allowances will be eliminated, as will profit sharing under the new proposal. For a family of four, health-care premiums will total $2880/year, with an additional maximum of $5000 in out-of-pocket expenses (the total of that would be 42% of one's base wage). The pension plan will be capped, with the company retaining the right to eliminate it completely. In all fairness, not the entire proposal is bad. The vacation allowance is what I'd consider typical. Outsourcing functions such as janitorial, tool and die maintenance, and telecom support is standard practice. The "job bank" really had to go, and the changes to overtime rules seem fair. That notwithstanding, I can't imagine the situation going down in any way but a crippling work stoppage - and if that happens, it'll be interesting to see how much of Delphi's work remains in the US.

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