Used <a class=Honda Civic" src="" align="right" border="1" height="83" hspace="4" vspace="4" width="183" />Most of us here at Autoblog are big fans of The Auto Prophet. Personally, as an enthusiast with automotive ADD, I can appreciate AP's pragmatic advice to love the one you're with (car that is) instead of buying the latest new ride. We've all probably been in the position to buy new or have thought about keeping the hope alive with that special hoopty. Personally, new car payments are always a drag. AP's advice is relatively simple, buying used and repairing is way cheaper than constantly buying new, but I think those who are more mechanically inclined may benefit from his advice more than those who must refer to professional repair resources. While his stance that fixing is almost always better than a new car payment is appropriate, it seems some people use 'maintenance' and car mileage as justification to dump their 'clapped out' Civics and buy new anyway.

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