Saab returns to its aircraft roots in its next ad campaign launching this month, entitled "Born From Jets." Trying to increase its awareness in the marketplace and distinguish itself from other brands touting performance as their selling point, Saab is relying on the emotions raised by jets and aviation history to sell some cars.

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The objective of the ?Born From Jets? campaign is to raise awareness of the storied Swedish carmaker as a premium brand that offers aircraft-inspired design and performance. To that end, it will launch with a 30-hour ?burst? of media activity beginning on Oct. 23, 2005 that promises to deliver 75 million impressions in the all-important 25-54 age group.

Saab Cars USA general manager Jay Spenchian says Saab has genuine performance credentials, but that too few people are aware of this premium European brand. On top of that, Saab must set itself apart from other car makers that claim ?performance? as their brand promise. Spenchian says by reaching into Saab?s history, his team arrived at a solution that addresses both issues.

?Saab is an acronym for ?Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget,? or Swedish Aircraft Company,? he said. ?The company began to build airplanes in 1937, and when it turned to cars ten years later, the spirit of the jets that Saab built at the time carried over in the vehicles? design, performance, safety features and ergonomics.

?Jets are inherently cool ? they represent speed, control, safety, quality and reliability. Saab is the only car company that can claim such a heritage. Nobody else can say ?what our founding engineers knew about thrust and power inspired us to build a more exciting vehicle? or ?what they knew about keeping pilots alive inspired us to build a safer vehicle.? This is unique to Saab and it really resonates with potential customers.?

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