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The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 100 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across over 75 industry-leading blogs. Each week we ask our bloggers to choose their top posts, which we bring to you in one easy-to-read weekly post. You'll find links to the hottest posts from the past week after the jump including a poopy nickname, the last food of your live, and a new CityScape. Enjoy!

DVGuru?s Randall Bennett gives us a look at the Wacom Intuos3 tablet in his hands on review, Ajit Anthony rounds up a few helpful tutorials for your viewing pleasure, and Mike Burgoyne takes a look at a new spin on the DIY camera stabilizer.

TUAW?s C.K. Sample, III shares his first impressions with his new 5th generation iPod, and, while Jay Savage was on the scene, the TUAW team gathered for the second week in a row of chatcasting a slew of new Apple announcements. Plus, Laurie A. Duncan muses if the media is biased towards Apple or if Dvorak is off his meds again.

HD Beat?s Richard Lawler finds the latest high-def video games, Matt Burns is looking forward to CableCARD 2.0, and Kevin C. Tofel wants a 1080p DVD upconverter for under $250.

The Outsource Report?s Vibhav Nuwal wants to know if outsourcing is bubbling, finds legal outsourcing is the next big thing, and talks about how cruise ship based outsourcing works.

Luxist?s Jordan Running finds the ultimate traffic solution, your own personal helicopter and uncovers the new plans for The Mirage in Vegas. Plus, Deidre Woollard explores an estate with an interior greenhouse in Northern California.

Gadling?s Erik Olsen interviews diver and explorer Fabien Cousteau about his shark submarine and Kelly Amabile pops the news about the Cork Jazz Festival. Plus, the Gadling team?s CityScapes feature takes a full day?s look at the Big Apple.

Divester?s Willy Volk ponders whether sharks are switching prey?to humans, and drools over the hottest new underwater photography equipment, while Bill Reals reminisces about his first dive experience.

TVSquad?s C.K. Sample and Ryan Budke offer up the latest Lost podcast, Bob Sassone lists off his top five TV homes/apartments, and Keith McDuffee gives a quick recap on the MythBusters season premiere.

Blogging Baby?s Jay Allen talks about tolerance for intolerance of gays in schools and Stefania Butler confesses to using ?poopy? nicknames for her kids. Plus, Blogging Baby readers are all worked up over Sarah Gilbert?s post on stereotyping work-at-home moms.

Download Squad?s Victor Agreda shows you how to share calendars between Outlook and iCal, Jordan Running checks out the simple - but addictive - Grid Game, and Marc Perton asks:

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