Launching a brand-new model smoothly is difficult enough, but the task becomes even more so when one of the product's major suppliers is currently struggling its way through bankruptcy proceedings. Ford's new Fusion sedan is receiving glowing reviews, but the lack of vehicles in dealer showrooms is partially attributable to difficulty getting interior parts from Collins & Aikman (who is currently going through Chapter 11 reorganization). With other suppliers going through similar financial problems, this may become a reoccurring theme during upcoming launches.
Ford also acknowledges that there have been other snags during the launch of this vehicle. Even at that, the company still has built 20,000 vehicles to date, and has received 100,000 inquiries from potential customers. Assuming that the company gets the marketing campaign right (it's scheduled to start next week), if major quality problems can be avoided, and if a sufficient supply of vehicles is available, Ford looks to have a hit on its hands.

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