It's sleeker, more sophisticated and suave — it's the older, cooler cousin of the current Scion xB and Toyota bB, the Toyota bB concept, now showing at the Tokyo Motor Show. It's not the grown-up version of the current twins; rather, it's just gotten better at playing hard. The sharp, boxy edges seen on the current xB/bB are smooth and rounded on the concept, the conformist palette of colors available for the current cars contrast with the custom electric green paint of the new car, and the twins' chill, "let's go hang-out in Rick's xB" feel becomes "I've got a VIP table at the night club" in the Toyota concept with a nine-speaker sound system and a custom light show for any tune you play. The best part? Like many younger cousins, the xB and bB just might be looking to emulate themselves after this new concept car, so we may just see some characteristics being picked up when the next production xB and bB are introduced.

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