Mo, an Autoblog reader, sent this to us to illustrate how NOT to write our next review… among the beefs were the reviewer's use of the following phrases:

 - "The Corvette Z06's 7-liter 505-horsepower engine sounds like lots of small things exploding."
 - "the sound gets louder until there's an Alaskan brown bear riding shotgun"
 - "The car feels like it can't quite handle what it's got and it needs your help, please, to hold it back a little. It's largely an illusion of course. The Z06 takes care of itself just fine."

We here at Autoblog don't like to throw stones (and besides, it's not *that* bad), but we did get a kick out of all the colorful metaphors. Have a read — in our opinion, you can't hear about the Z06 too often.

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