Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is looking into relocating Nissan's U.S. headquarters. There is talk of specifically relocating the U.S. headquarters from southern California to Tennesse, near Nissan's manufacturing operations outside Nashville. Texas is another possible locale, where Nissan operates a call center and large regional office. Other manufacturers are beginning to receive an influx of job applications and resumes from current Nissan USA employees. Perhaps they've grown accustomed to the California lifestyle, but Nissan's motivation seems to be squarely aimed at reducing costs. For one, employees in Nashville will undoubtedly be cheaper, real estate will be cheaper, and Nissan should see additional savings from being close to its North American manufacturing facilities in the region. Of course, there are the intangibles to consider, California is clearly the more progressive location and is closer to a large pool of automotive talent. Decisions, decisions.

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