In a report filed by Reuters Wednesday, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn said the company still has no plans to enter the U.S. market, citing higher priority ventures in China, India, Eastern Europe and South America.
Renault is actively negotiating with two Chinese cities to build a local factory in China, according to Ghosn. The French automaker is looking to follow in the tire tracks of its partner Nissan, which has a successful new factory in Guangzhou.

Renault is also placing a high priority on exploiting the success of its low-priced, fast-selling Logan model. The Logan is specifically targeted at emerging markets and first-time car buyers. The company is looking to expand Logan production from 150,000 units this year to 1 million worldwide.

Ghosn plans to unveil his "master plan" for Renault in February. More info here and here.

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