You know that dating service called "It's Just Lunch?" The company tries to pair you up with somebody who by all estimates you should like, and you have a meal together without the threat of it turning into the night that never ends. Mercury is taking much the same approach as it buys folks coffee, treats them to a free haircut, and spreads other random acts of kindness simply in exchange for asking them to check out the new Milan.

Rather than wait for consumers to visit a Mercury showroom, Mercury is taking its newest mid-size sedan to the coffee houses, barber shops, nail salons, and other locales in five cities around the country. At a recent visit to Mums & Pops cafe in Phillly, admirers of the vehicle were invited to sit inside to appreciate the fit and finish with their free cup o' Joe and were also invited into a dealership for a test drive by way of a $50 voucher.

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