BMW has issued a release that outlines in detail what the company plans to display this week in Tokyo. The obvious inclusions are all present – the 3-Series sport wagon, the 130i, the new M Sports Packages, the Z4 Coupe Concept, and finally the Concept X3 EfficientDynamics hybrid concept.

The X3 EfficientDynamics hybrid concept carries nearly all of BMW's future powertrain technology onboard, including Auto Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration that frees the IC engine from the alternator, Jet-Guided Direct Injection that achieves 5-15 percent better fuel economy, an Active Transmission that houses the electric motor within its case and double-layer capacitors called Super Caps that are able to charge and discharge energy faster and more efficiently than normal electrochemical batteries. We can't wait until this technology trickles down into production, as it's apparent that BMW can easily retain its tag-line of "Ultimate Driving Machine" while accommodating hybrid technology in each of its models.

[Source: BMW]

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