Since 2001, BMW has worked with Hollywood talent to produce a series of short films called "The Hire." This innovative marketing approach has won critical acclaim, and will be ending on October 21, 2005. The films featured Clive Owen as a driver-for-hire in a series of sticky situations. Several star directors, like John Woo, Ang Lee, John Frankenheimer, Tony Scott, and Guy Ritchie, lent their talents to create these action packed shorts that feature BMW's product line. The current series focuses on the BMW Z4 roadster, but Season 1 also featured the BMW Z3, 740i, 540i, M5, and X5. BMW has also released a collector's DVD that will feature all eight films. BMW may continue their film project with a new series, but this is speculation right now. If you've never seen these films, do yourself a favor and check them out at the read link. 'Star' is probably one of my favorites, both for comedic value and the stunt driving.

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