Long before the Fusion went on sale Ford gave one each to six tuners in exchange for $1 and the promise that each would pimp Ford's ride and show it off around the country. Each of those dollar cars will be on display at SEMA in November, showing off the tuning potential of the Fusion in terms of both appearance and performance. The list of tuners includes 3d Carbon, Focus Sport (shown), HR Springs, Draxas, Street Scene Equipment and HPA Motorsports. HPA, by the way, is the company responsible for building a 550-hp twin-turbo VW R32 (see video here). We'll be interested to see how punch they pack into the Fusion.

[Note: it's possible Ford sold the cars to each tuner at cost, but more likely they were dollar cars considering the huge marketing push behind the Fusion's launch.]

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[Source: Ford]

Ford Fusion tuner carFord Fusion tuner car

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