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If you were planning on dragging your out-of-date Bimmer to the curb, stop right there. BMW UK will take that car off your hands for free and properly recycle it. The German manufacturer's Vehicle Recycling Network will be handled by a company called autogreen, who will collect your vehicle, issue you a certificate of destruction and began dismantling it. First the vehicles pyrotechnics (airbags and seatbelt pretensioners) will be triggered, the battery will be removed, the airconditioning system siphoned and all fluids drained. The remainder of the vehicle will be sent through a "shredding" process that will divest it all of recyclable material like metallic and plastic parts. Any useable parts will also be removed for resale.

BMW states this service is meant for BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI vehicles that have reached the end of their serviceable lives. Recycling is great and all, but I bet there are people out there who would gladly take your vehicle and restore it rather than see it destroyed.

[Source: BMW]

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