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The title of this post is not a statement like it may read, it's this vehicle's name. The Note inspired by Adidas (I'm not saying it again) was modeled after the obsession Japanese youth culture (referred to as the Remix Generation in Nissan's press release) has with sportswear – hence the Adidas tie-in. Based on Nissan's own Note model, this version features a "wearable" concept wherein certain parts of the exterior and interior can be changed at will just like the Adidas-branded sportwear its target customer is wearing. It's not a new idea, nor one that was all that successful last time around on the Saturn Ion. The interior also features storage nets on the dashboard, a glovebox that opens with a zipper and a removable bag in the center console.

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Nissan Note inspired by AdidasNissan Note inspired by AdidasNissan Note inspired by Adidas

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