The tenth annual Strategic Vision Total Value Study results are out, and they should make the marketing departments at Toyota, GM and Honda happy. The study ranks cars, trucks and SUVs according to consumer's perception of value for the dollar.
Toyota topped seven car and truck categories, while GM had four category winners. Honda was ranked as the top full line carmaker, and also gained four category winners. GM was top-rated in four categories, while Ford topped only one, and Chrysler none.

The highest value score for any category winner went to the MINI Cooper convertible, with the second highest score going to the MINI Cooper itself. The "best brand" category went to Toyota's Scion group.

Full results and a description of the survey methods are here. The survey covers vehicles bought between October 2004 and March 2005.

As our readers have pointed out in discussions of other surveys like this, perceived value in the eyes of the car buyer likely has a lot to do with expectations going into the purchase. If expectations are modest, but they aren?t disappointed, then they perceive that they received good value for money. On the other hand, if they expect a lot, you?d better not disappoint them, even slightly.

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