Hey, we posted on it. When Auto Express claimed to have been the first to drive the Bugatti Veyron we believed 'em. One blogger on the internet, however, doesn't. Dorri Williams questions the British mag's article on his blog, If It's Got An Engine. Dorri noticed that the Auto Express write-up contained a few discrepancies when compared with Car and Driver's article that apparently just appeared in its November issue (haven't gotten mine yet). Williams cites that Auto Express describes the car leaving two black stripes (it's AWD), that it has six gears (it has seven) and the fact they never mention the rather involving process of putting the car in 'top speed mode'.

This one?s hard to call. Auto Express does note that they were driving a test vehicle, so the ?top speed mode? may not have come into play on their drive. The ?two wide, black lines? described could have been laid down by an AWD vehicle, especially one sporting close to 1,000 horsepower, although one would think the vehicle?s massive amount of power would prohibit a perfectly straight launch. The gaff about the tranny?s number of cogs is legit, though. Although when you?re traveling that fast, who has time to count gears?

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