darpa stanley finish 270 pr photo

Three robotic racers completed the 150 mile DARPA Grand Challenge race on Saturday, a huge advance from last year's race, when every competitor failed within sight of the start line. Two more robot vehicles remained in the race Saturday night, waiting until daylight to resume their run.

First across the line was Stanford University's VW Touareg, "Stanley," which overtook the Carnegie-Mellon University's Humvee "H1ghlander" 102 miles into the race. Third to finish was Carnegie-Mellon's "Sandstorm."
The elapsed-time winner can't be declared until all racers have finished their run. Stanley covered the course in a little over 7 hours.

Through the Grand Challenge, DARPA aims to stimulate the technology development needed for the U.S. military to meet a congressional mandate for a third of its vehicles to be unmanned by 2015.

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