As you all have noticed the Autoblog iPod Nano + FM Transmitter contest has been removed from Autoblog. Due to its nature, the contest was viewed by some search engines as an attempt to take advantage of their systems. While this was never the intent of the contest, we respect the views of these companies and have ceased the contest immediately. A winner has been chosen, however, and the prize is being delivered.

We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication while this was being worked out, as our original intent was to reward our readers, not alienate them. Rest assured we will never do a contest of this sort again, though we do plan to do more contests in the future.

We appreciate all the effort put forth by all the entrants and hope your enthusiasm for Autoblog has not diminished. We love what we do and work very hard at it, and your esteem is what drives us.

Thank you,
The Autoblog Team

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