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Divester?s Willy Volk laments the mauling of a 10-year-old girl by a crocodile but rejoices over H20 Audio?s new waterproof MP3 player housing, while Erik Olsen revels in the marine life in Patagonia.

luxistLuxist?s Jordan Running shows you where to buy Britney?s bra for Hurricane Relief and Rick Reed finds the highflying MotoArt B-25 Bomber Desk while Deidre Woollard discovers what $20 million will get you in Tampa Bay.

wirelessThe Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea says the early criticism of Wireless Philadelphia lacks merit, profiles the new ARM processor that promises high performance for cellphones running audio, video, and gaming applications, and wonders if today?s 10-year-old kids are being unduly influenced by the increasing use of cellphones by adults.

gadlingGadling?s Erik Olsen on the exploding python, Kelly Amabile takes a gander at the Genre Traveler, and Adrienne Wilson goes Greek.

cardsquadCard Squad?s Joanne Lutynec faces an all-in call, and asks CardSquad readers ?How would you play it?? Plus, is it a new poker site, or a spooky alternate-reality game? Wil Wheaton finds out what Last Call Poker is all about and chimes in on surviving the inevitable downswings at the poker table.

hd beatHD Beat?s Richard Lawler explains how the ?ROM Mark? for Blu-Ray security works and Matt Burns splurges on an HD DVR and shares his experience while Kevin C. Tofel asks you ?which sport looks best in high-def?

slashfoodSlashfood?s Josh Ozersky reveals the secrets of his refrigerator, Stefania Butler cooks up a tasty pot roast and Nick Vagnoni tells how to photograph those tasty treats you create.

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw has been busy this week hunting down photos and screenshots of three unannounced - but soon to be released - BlackBerry models. Russ has photos and exclusive specs for the Verizon BlackBerry 7100e, offers six photos of the SprintNextel BlackBerry 7100i, and scoops the thus-far unannounced BlackBerry 7285.

hack-a-dayHack-A-Day?s Eliot Phillips helps you decide whether to upgrade your PSP firmware, samples new fashion trends with a wearable LED display, and proves that a Gameboy Advance can be used for almost anything, including a hang glider?s variometer.

dvguruDVGuru?s Ajit Anthony shows off a new dashboard widget for calculating hard drive space needed for HD video. Plus, Mike Burgoyne takes a look at all of the new DV tech being shown off at this years CEATEC in Japan and takes a peak at the new CitiDISK HDV portable HD video recorder.

droxyDroxy?s Ryan Saghir sees that

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