Nissan's Sentra has been around since the 2000 MY in its current form. The vehicle went through a style refresh mid-cycle, but it is essentially the same Sentra. With the announcement of the 2007 Nissan Versa, the current Sentra's days are numbered. The Versa is set to be the start of Nissan's line-up, and competition from the Mazda3 and the new Honda Civic has put pressure on Nissan's compact sedan. Factoring in competitive pressure and a line-up change, the Sentra should become more sophisticated with the requisite increases in size and trim level. Looking at what Nissan has done with the 2007 Versa, essentially porting over a non-U.S. domestic market vehicle, we are speculating that this Bluebird Sylphy Preview may become the Sentra successor or replacement for the U.S. Market. The Bluebird Sylphy Preview will be displayed at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. At the jump you can read the full press release, which describes a more up market compact. The previous Japanese domestic Bluebird Sylphy seems to have influenced the Nissan Sentra in the U.S., so it's likely with the trends at Nissan that a version of the new Bluebird will show up on our shores.

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Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

A car that reflects Nissan?s Modern Living concept
?A luxury medium-sized saloon
?Refined elegance

The Bluebird Sylphy Preview embodies Nissan?s Modern Living concept, a modern expression of premium interior quality. This new, luxury medium-sized saloon blends this design concept with functionality all wrapped in a straight and refined exterior.

A luxury welcome
    The Bluebird Sylphy Preview is designed and engineered around the concept of a luxury medium-sized saloon into which you would be proud to welcome guests. The interior is the latest iteration of Nissan?s Modern Living concept, popularized by the Teana luxury sedan and the Cube and Tiida compact cars.
An ?S-motion? design gives exterior expression to this product concept. Distinctive S-shaped curves and are expressed in smooth and richly varied sculpted body lines. The large cabin with six windows creates a roomy and relaxing interior space.
?S-motion? is further reflected in a curved instrument panel, providing space around the driver and an open, airy space for the front passenger. With above-average knee room for this class of car, passengers can relax into cushioned comfort.
But the Bluebird Sylphy Preview is not just about style. A high level of functionality is built into this car. For example, a storage compartment incorporated into the center console which also doubles as an armrest. Opening the console lid 180 degrees to the rear provides access to the compartment, which is capable of neatly storing anything from a large handbag to a shopping bag.
Through this fusion of design and functionality, the Bluebird Sylphy Preview has been created to provide a dash of refined elegance.

Overall length (mm)     4,610
Overall width (mm)     1,695
Overall height (mm)     1,510
Wheelbase (mm)     2,700
Seating capacity     5

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