Now that I've invited a 95 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback into my life, I wish on a daily basis that my car were better equipped to handle my dog.  The drool and noseprints on my windows and the emergency cleanups have trashed my car, not to mention my wallet — I recently paid a $400 repair bill because Chas chewed up the front seatbelts when I left him in the car by himself on a grocery run (note to ASPCA — the temperate was 70 degrees, the sun wasn't out, and he wasn't in there long).

Honda has just the thing for dog owners: a concept vehicle featured on its web site called the WOW, or Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon. I can't read Japanese, but I'm fairly certain this concept will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda WOW interior

The pictures on the landing page show that Honda really hit the nail right on the head for dog owners. Judging from the pictures, features include the following:

?Three rows of seating with the rear two being removeable

?A crate for smaller dogs just behind the front seats (you have to remove the second row)

?The second row of seats fold forward not only so you can avoid the dog shedding all over , but also so you can prevent the dog from climbing into the front seat with you

?The third row of seats is also removable so you can put bigger dogs back there

?A small compartment in the rear that holds leashes and other necessary dog supplies

?A dog bone-shaped dispenser built-in for ?trash? bags

?Just because it?s cute, each of the tire treads has a paw print in them.

I?m insanely jealous that Honda has an entire area of its Japanese site devoted to dogs, by the way.

Thanks to Rocket Punch for the tip.

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