Here's a list of the most commented on and interesting posts from the last week. Enjoy.

Most commented on
Bush calls on Americans to conserve gas (59)

DaimlerChrysler rumored to want a piece of Volkswagen
Popular Mechanics honors GM's 3.9L V6
GM talks more smack about the competition
Senator Obama proposes trading health care relief for fuel economy increases
Hyundai to build RWD luxury sedan
GM, CAW settle contract and avoid a strike
Driver error cause of Mazda5 exhaust fires
Law firm claims defect in 17 million Ford engines
GM might lose all of the market share gained from employee pricing
Congressman calls for investigation into ethanol pricing
The booming interest in oil sands

HHR the conquistador
Shelby GT500 convertible available in 2006
Lingenfelter turns 25, celebrates with 25 twin-turbo Vettes
Kia Roadster?
LG Motorsports dynos the Z06
Nissan announces new Versa hatchback for the U.S.
Next-gen Scirocco
Mitsubishi Concept-X
Uncertain future for Chrysler's Crossfire
Diesels for the GMT900 SUVs?
New Kia minivan said to be "phenomenal"
Bentley announces Continental GTC drop-top
Toyota to develop a 3/4-ton pickup?

Spy Shots
2007 Ferrari 600/Imola
Ford Focus hardtop convertible
2007 Dodge Durango
Volvo C30
Mercedes GL-Class
Lexus LS460

Tokyo Motor Show
Suzuki Ionis Concept
Suzuki P.X Concept
Subaru to show love bug at Tokyo
World premiere of Mitsubishi Concept-D:5    

Autoblog 101
Q: How far off are EPA mileage estimates?
Selling Your Car on eBay: A Narrative Primer
A brief primer on pickup truck payload capacities
Does oil regenerate?
Ask Autoblog: What determines a truck's payload capacity?
Autoblog Reader Rant: lower octane gas – a good idea?

Motorsports this weekend
The battle for control of Formula 1 heats up
Nice Rosberg wins the first GP2 championship
[Not TiVoSafe] Auto Racing weekend wrapup

Autoblog Garage
2005 Mazda3: In the Autoblog Garage Day 1
2005 Mazda3: In the Autoblog Garage Day 2
2005 Mazda3: In the Autoblog Garage Day 3    
2005 Mazda3: In the Autoblog Garage Day 4-5

Junk in the Trunk
10 Most Expensive Cars in the World
New-car smell is hazardous to your health
Guide to car shopping with kids in mind

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