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The Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea wonders if ?Bubble Talk? is the next killer app in mobile technology, covers an MIT project to bring low-cost laptops to poor children around the world, and says the new Rolling Stones album will soon be available on a ?gruvi? Flash memory card for mobile phones and PDAs

cinematicalCinematical?s Karina Longworth discovers the documentary John Kerry doesn?t want you to see, Martha Fischer reports on more Spiderman 3 villain rumors, and Robert Newton interviews Neil Gaiman.

divesterDivester?s Bill Reals chills out with his favorite diving movies, while Willy Volk reveals that some fishermen have been using stray dogs as shark bait and wonders whether it?s better to be killed by a giant croc or a great white.

tvsquadTVSquad?s Bob Sassone live-blogs the live Will and Grace and Keith McDuffee announces the final straw: The Man Show coming to G4 while C.K. Sample, Jen Segrest, and Ryan Budke do an Arrested Development chatcast.

pvrwirePVR Wire?s Todd Carter reveals poll results showing how many hours most readers record each week, debates whether TiVo should be No. 2 product of past 10 years, and discusses TiVo?s new cancellation fee.

luxistLuxist?s Rick Reed discovers a home theatre customization system while Deidre Woollard pores through the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book and finds out what $50 million buys in Southern California.

hdbeatHDBeat?s Kevin C. Tofel invites votes for the best fall network premieres and Matt Burns tells you how to win an HDTV from HP while Richard Lawler reports that Microsoft and Intel jointly back HD-DVDs.

dvguruDV Guru?s Ajit Anthony highlights a new short-film contest that may just land you a job at Dreamworks and discusses a new article about the true quality of the new HDV format while Mike Burgoyne talks about a new hack for adding night vision to the CVS disposable camcorder.

slashfoodSlashfood?s Sarah Gilbert ponders vegan cheesecake and self-proclaimed ?saltaholic? Sarah J. Gim reviews some basic sushi etiquette, plus Nick Vagnoni spotlights some food porn from Australia with this chocolate cloud cake.

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw writes a preview of the T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t, out this coming Monday, writes about the forthcoming BlackBerry 8700, which wasn?t announced this week but just might be next week and has the scoop on how BlackBerry brought Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow closer together.

hackadayHackaday?s Fabienne Serriere builds a phone line tap from modem parts and colors her iPod headphones to match her black Nano while C.K. Sample, III shows how to downgrade your PSP to play homebrew games.

engadgetEngadget?s Paul Miller finds out five reasons for Palm?s slide, Peter Rojas thanks all of you who made i

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