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General Motors' all-new 3.9L V6 has been honored with a Breakthrough Technology award by Popular Mechanics for its innovative use of variable valve timing in an overhead valve engine. For ages GM has continually developed its line of overhead valve engines and the addition of VVT is an industry first, adding a dose of sophistication to an old school architecture. The powerplant develops a healthy 240 horsepower and can be had in the 2006 Impala, Monte Carlo, Malibu SS, Malibu Maxx SS and Uplander; Pontiac G6 GTP and SV6; Buick Terraza; and Saturn Relay. And hey, if you're going to be honored by a group of mechanics, it's better they be the popular kind, right?

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Popular Mechanics Awards Gm 3.9 V-6 For Breakthrough Technology


New York - General Motors? new 3.9-liter V-6 has been recognized for ground-breaking technology by the editors of POPULAR MECHANICS in the publication?s first ?POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Awards.? The announcement was made today at the American Museum of Natural History and will be featured in the October issue of POPULAR MECHANICS, on newsstands nationwide October 11, 2005.

The POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Awards recognize ten individuals and teams, including one winner of the Breakthrough Leadership Award, that are helping to improve lives and expand possibilities in the realms of science, technology and exploration. Additionally, POPULAR MECHANICS highlighted a separate group of ten consumer products that represent milestones in design and engineering.

The 3.9 V-6 has been awarded for the innovative adaptation of variable valve timing, an industry first for overhead valve engines.

?General Motors keeps finding ways to advance overhead valve engines and the 3.9-liter V-6 used in the Impala reaches new levels,? said James Meigs, editor-in-chief, POPULAR MECHANICS. ?For their continued success and innovation, we?re proud to recognize GM with a 2006 Breakthrough Award.?

The 3.9 is part of an all-new family of advanced overhead valve, 60-degree V-6 engines. The engine is designed new from the block up and in addition to variable valve timing, incorporates a host of advanced, premium features, including a variable intake manifold, piston-cooling oil squirters, and an advanced 32-bit engine controller.

?The breakthrough development of variable valve timing for the 3.9 demonstrates the continued relevance of the elegant overhead valve engine design,? said Dr. Gary Horvat, assistant chief engineer, V-6 engines. ?We?re honored that the editorial team at POPULAR MECHANICS recognize the significance of this technology.?

The variable valve timing system incorporates a vane-type camshaft phaser that changes the angular orientation of the camshaft, thereby adjusting the timing of the intake and exhaust valves to optimize performance and economy, and helping lower emissions. Within its range of operation, it offers infinitely variable valve timing in relation to the crankshaft. The cam phasing creates ?dual equal? valve timing adjustments. In other words, the intake valves and exhaust valves are varied at the same time and at the same rate.

The award-winning, 240-horsepower 3.9 V-6 is available in the 2006 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo, Malibu SS, Malibu Maxx SS and Uplander; Pontiac G6 GTP and SV6; Buick Terraza; and Saturn Relay.

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