Five F1 manufacturers and seven of the ten teams have signed a binding agreement to stand together in their battle with Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA over the future of the sport.
The so-called Concorde Agreement that governs how the commercial side of the sport is managed will expire in 2007, and Ecclestone's Formula One Management has so far only convinced three teams, Ferrari, Red Bull (whose engines will be supplied by Ferrari next year), and Jordan/Midland, to agree to extend the agreement for another five years. The other teams feel that the current agreement does not return a large enough share of F1 commercial revenue to the teams. Nor do the teams and manufacturers have much of a say in how the commercial side of their sport is run.

As illustrated in the photo at right, Ferrari F1, who receive twice the revenue of any other team under the current agreement, seem quite happy to continue with business as usual, Ecclestone-style.

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