The New York Times Magazine just published an interesting article by Clive Thompson on "high-performance hybrids" (registration required). The article covers the range of high-powered hybrids, from prototypes and concept cars, to SUVs. The central point is that this is the way to sell fuel efficiency to the American public - give them the power they are used to, only with less gas consumption. Much more detail and discussion of the pros and cons in the article.
Oh, the 217 mph hybrid? That's the brainchild of Jim Burns of L3 Research, designer of the "Enigma" diesel/electric hybrid sports car (pictured) that does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and gets 80 mpg. He's planning a new sports car that will top out at 217 mph and get 40 mpg or better. Supercar performance comes with a supercar price - Burns plans to sell the new car for $185,000.

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