In addition to announcing beaucoup hybrids for the rest of the decade, Bill Ford also declared how he hopes to position the Ford brands in the U.S. as scientific leaders. Ford will launch a corporate branding campaign in October to develop this image. Bill Ford acknowledged that through talking with customers that Ford, or Lincoln-Mercury, did not have any solid brand identity in the marketplace. Innovation is to be the hallmark of Ford in North America, but no one has communicated any details on how this image will be built. Ford does a lot of work with fuel cells, alternative energy, and other technologies. The only problem is they are not as vocal about promoting these advancements as other manufacturers. GM, Honda, and Toyota are promoting their fuel cell and hydrogen initiatives quite heavily, where Ford just seems to be actively bringing these technologies closer to reality. Hopefully, most of this new promotion will highlight what Ford has already done without creating too much fluff for consumers to be suspicious about.

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