Just imagine, you're tooling down the highway in your brand-spankin'-new Caddilac SRX with the tunes pumped up and the V8 roaring, you hit 65 mph, and CRASH, your sunroof busts in and glass flies all over you. I don't know about you, but if we're going 65 on the highway and the sunroof caves in, we'd be a little distracted, not to mention pissed that our $40K Caddy is so lame.

Enter NHTSA, who agreed that this little experience would suck for drivers too. The agency, which has been very busy as of late, is looking into the 30,000+ SRXs with the sunroof option to determine next steps.

Hold on, GM haters — they're looking into the Mercedes SLK 230 for failing brake lamps too.

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