AG Mazda3
When a new vehicle comes your way, there is often a honeymoon period. It's a time to feel the car out, figure how it works and get comfortable. The first day often includes unnecessary swerving, aggressive braking, and uncouth application of accelerator. Not the most scientific review methodology, but we got to feel these things out the best we can. Once you get the general feel about how the vehicle responds, you're generally more comfortable with wringing the most out of it.

AG Mazda3
Welcome to the interior of the magnificent Mazda3 wagon. Sure, superlatives might be a little
 early but even in the first day superlatives are all that came to mind. Regardless, once this auto nut slid into that seat it became apparent the honeymoon period was unnecessary. With the seat and tilt/telescoping steering wheel in position, the Mazda3 felt more like a trusted friend even before turning the key. Once underway, the reassuring steering feedback, strong power delivery, and responsive ride all combined to provide that warm and fuzzy welcome home feeling that a gear head raised on sport compacts hasn?t felt in many moons. Is it yum-yum or zoom-zoom?
AG Mazda3
We had picked the Mazda up a little off the beaten path, and the ride home was dreaded as it was close to twilight when we left. The Mazda performed admirable on the drive home. Three hours of high speed, lane changing good time in the Mazda3 certainly helped combat any highway hypnosis. How poignant after a week in Germany and their high speed Autobahn? A European influence seems have found its way into this Asian compact. The whole package at this point seems well thought out and sorted. You can certainly ascertain why other automotive journalists have heaped so much praise on this Mazda. Its comfortable, high quality interior and its driving dynamics all create a great sense of value when compared against the sub-$19,000 price tag.

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