Pontiac is at it again with another creative marketing approach to spreading the word about its new Torrent SUV. After paying Oprah to give away a fleet of its new G6 and giving a new Solstice as a signing bonus to last season's winner of The Apprentice, Pontiac has teamed up this time with Survivor to give away five Torrents to the show's audience.

The promotion titled Torrents for your Tribe centers around six former Survivor cast members trying to eek out a sixteenth minute of fame, including Rupert, Boston Rob and Gervase, my least favorite Survivor of all time. Each of the six ex-Survivors will drive a Torrent in their daily lives over the coming weeks and consumers will be urged to seek them out and take pictures of them going about their business in a Torrent. The pics can then be sent in via phone, email or snail-mail for a chance to win one of the SUVs.

Wow, are these six people are so desperate for attention that they'll team up with an automaker to give away SUVs as incentive for people to notice them. Sorry Gervace, I'll keep my camera phone sheathed if you drive by.

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