Following right on the heels of GM's launch of its revamped full-size SUVs into a shrinking market segment plagued by rapidly rising fuel prices, Lutz kicks off his GM podcasting career with, among other things, a discussion of the market for full-size sport utes, GM's new SUV fuel saving technologies, displacement on demand, and the future of crossovers. According to Lutz, we can expect GM's new gas/electric hybrid system to make its first appearance in the big SUVs sometime in 2007.

Lutz repeatedly emphasizes that there's a real need for big SUV's from people who need either the size or the towing capability. No argument there, I have one for towing. The question is how much of the 750,000 units/year market is made up of people with that "real need." I see a lot of SUVs with receivers that have never seen a ball mount. I'm just saying.

Get the Lutzcast here.
[Via GM FastLane]

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