AutoWeek has the chance to spend a year with a new Porsche Carrera S, and unfortunately they suffered a flat rear tire (a $525 tire - ouch) only three months into the test. Despite their misfortune, I'm still jealous enough to point out that they used a cement block to support the rear of the car while getting a new tire. Guys, what's next - yanking its engine out using come-along and chain slug around a tree limb? Not only is this not the way to treat a $91,000 car, it's also downright unsafe. I'd like to point out that although I'm probably Autoblog's resident redneck, I can properly and safely support a car without resorting to the use of building materials. Therefore, Porsche should feel free to send over any test vehicles they have that might be unusually susceptible to tire damage. We'll treat 'em right.

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