Dodge announced today a national contest to select a new "HEMI Guy or Gal" to co-star in the launch campaign for the 2006 Ram 1500 pickup.
The campaign will kick off September 26 with an ad featuring the smiling face of Jon "That thing got a HEMI?" Reep and a cutout space for his new sidekick, who will replace actor Todd Giebenhain (pictured).

Dodge is looking for "someone with a real passion for Dodge, Dodge trucks, and HEMI engines," according to Steven Landry, Dodge VP. Starting Friday, the talent search will feature its own website.

You'll need to send in your audition tape by October 8, so start rehearsing. You can review all of the HEMI-guy commercials here. By the way, HEMI sidekick number 1's big line was "Sweeeet!"

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