ckaEvery now and then, you find a bit of information that is so appropriate to current events that it must be shared. While leaving Frankfurt, we ran into Brian Armstead, XM Satellite Broadcaster and automotive journalist. He had the opportunity to test drive some of the new driver assistance systems being developed by automotive firms. Based on our conversation, it was clear that the fully automated car is on the horizon. So, we got this tip about a post on from sparc (a reader) and it seemed to tie into this new revelation from Brian. Basically, Bob Lutz spoke at a conference in Frankfurt about the future of the automobile. He touched on different technologies, centering on automated driving and hydrogen power. Lutz wrapped up the speech by saying:

This type of technology, unheard of 10 or 15 years ago, is real.  And it?s coming.  It?s just another step toward the fully automated driving experience.  Which is anathema to those of us who are driver?s drivers? who are suckers for the thrill of controlling a speed machine.

But that?s why people like us will always have motorcycles!

Besides Lutz being a motorcycle guy, which is not a surprise to many, the fact that he?s conceding the future for the automotive enthusiast is looking bleak should also not be a surprise. Despite the high cost of fuel, this is truly the Golden Age of the Automobile. Some of these new experimental technologies will truly help increase the safety of automotive transportation, but maybe they are also the writing on the wall for enthusiasts. Many of us may not see the day when the press of a couple buttons will drive you toward your destination, but you can be sure that each year the automobile will move closer to that reality. You can see the whole speech at the read link.

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