The incredibly resilient Mustang is enjoying such a revival that owning one has become a little mainstream. If you strive to separate yourself from the herd, the Dream Car Factory Mustang 500GT might be the pony for you.

The DCF500GT evokes styling cues from the original Shelby GT500, including a molded ducktail spoiler, side scoops, vented hood and grille. The basic DCF500GT package goes for $12,741 and includes the aforementioned exterior enhancements plus new front and rear bumpers and retro racing stripes. The performance envelope gets pushed a bit thanks to Enkei 18x7.5-inch wheels, DCF lowering springs and custom exhaust.

If your pockets are deep and your spouse isn't looking, you can also opt for many extras including a supercharger kit that boosts the output of the 4.6L V8 to 550 hp. The car pictured here is loaded with every option, including DCF's own forged alloy wheels.

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