Just wanted to clear out the pics of Geely and its CD concept left on my memory card from Frankfurt. Autoblog Chinese had a couple, but I have a rear shot and what looks to be a rotor missing its caliper.

It?s been really hard to get a sense of Geely?s success at its first Frankfurt Motor Show. The Western automotive press was pretty harsh in its judgment of the CD but was careful not to underestimate the company itself, as it wasn?t too long ago that Hyundai was trying to break into the European and North American markets with a stable of cheaply made and cheaply priced models. I?ll admit I chuckled at first when I saw the design, but it made more sense and was given context after Lu pointed out its connection to Beijing Opera?s facial painting.
Geely CDGeely CDGeely CDGeely CD
I wouldn?t even know where to begin trying to explain this?

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