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FlashInsider is giving away a ticket to Macromedia MAX! Plus Mike Schleifstein mashes a file upload concept and PHP to find a possible solution to saving live images in Flash and David Robinson tells you how to get Macromedia Studio 8 (including Flash 8) right now.

digital photographyThe Digital Photography Weblog?s Jay Savage talks about people who are ready to kill for their cameras and Samsung unveils 16GB compact flash cards, available next year. Plus, UCB gears up for the next World Wide Panorama event.

cinematicalCinematical?s Karina Longworth has bad news: not only is Evil Dead getting remade, but it looks like Ashton Kutcher?s playing Ash. Plus, she tackles Thumbsucker and Ryan Stewart reviews The Corpse Bride.

slashfoodSlashfood?s Karina Longworth asks you to get your slice on for the next Slashfood Theme Day and explains the George Clooney method of hangover avoidance and Josh Ozersky on why hip does not equal hot when it comes to hamburgers.

hdbeatHD Beat?s Matt Burns is understandably smitten by Toshiba?s new 50-inch SED set and uncovers Samsung?s wireless Blu-Ray recorder while Kevin C. Tofel recalls the 80?s as MTV announces an HD station.

luxistLuxist?s Deidre Woollard checks out a mobile home that doubles as a yacht marvels at the Falcon City of Wonders and discovers Charles Bronson?s farm.

photoshopThe Unofficial Photoshop Weblog?s Darren Chan discovers how to beautify a face with Photoshop and David Chartier takes note of Dan Margulis? new book on Photoshop LAB Color while Jan Kabili finds a useful tutorial on using a mask to make a complex selection.

bbhubBBHub?s Russell Shaw has the scoop on the forthcoming BlackBerry 8700 (code named ?Electron?) drinks too much coffee, opens Photoshop and mods a hypothetical BlackBerry iPod display window might look like and then gets back to reality - and the service of Murphy?s Law - by pointing you to an online store where you can buy almost any spare BlackBerry part imaginable.

pvrwirePVR Wire?s Martin Conaghan surveys the TiVo DRM controversy, Todd Carter asks why his Mac and TiVo are talking and Todd Carter wonders how many hours of PVR programming you record.

diveDivester?s Willy Volk recounts the story of two divers trying to spend 10 consecutive days underwater, Erik Olsen reveals the Top 10 Shark Dives, and Bill Reals relates the story of a cave diver who nearly died.

engadgetEngadget?s Barb Dybwad gets more details and pics of the Ni

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