Hyundai is running at full speed to reach its goal of becoming one of the world's top five carmakers by 2010. Next month, Hyundai will open a "pilot production facility" in Namyang (Korea) to cut development time for new models from the current 24 months down to 18 months. That means Hyundai will be able to update is model range as fast as Honda or Toyota, and more than twice as fast as American and European carmakers. Hyundai's shares soared to a record high on this news.

Thanks Sovereign1 for the tip.

PS - I'm glad this post came up as it gives me a chance to show you the tuner Sonata that Hyundai had on display in Frankfurt. This thing was downright gorgeous. Oh my god, I just called a Hyundai gorgeous… Follow the jump for more pics. -John.

<a class=Hyundai Sonata tuner 450 AB" src="" align="top" border="1" height="338" hspace="4" vspace="4" width="450" />Hyundai Sonata tuner 450 AB

We had no idea the new Sonata cleaned up so well.

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