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Consider OPC the European equivalent of SRT or SVT. They take run-of-the-mill Opels and turn them into credible street machines. We saw the debut of the Opel Vectra OPC today, which earns its OPC name with an all-aluminum 2.8L turbo V6 that makes 255 hp. That's enough to take this Opel with an attitude to 62 mph in less than seven seconds. The Vectra OPC also gets an IDS-plus chassis with Continuous Damping Control. It's some pretty sophisticated on-the-fly damping adjustment hardware that gives the Vectra OPC both a smooth highway ride and little body roll at the same time. A six-speed manual is standard, as are 18-inch alloy rims, Recaro sport seats, and blue brake calipers that are an OPC trademark.

Remember, this is the same platform that will underpin the upcoming Saturn Aura, which is a good thing based on what we've seen of the Vectra in Frankfurt.

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