After a few weeks of relative calm in Formula 1, Max Mosley is back on the offensive.
Following on the heels of his blistering critique of Edouard Michelin's comments on the FIA's proposed single tire supplier rule for 2008, Max has turned the big guns in the direction of the F1 teams.

Max apparently feels that the teams have not done enough to reduce the cost of competing in Formula 1, and by God, he's going to do it for them. Mosley says that the 2008 regulations will reduce the budget of a "top team" to around $120 million (about a third of current levels). Evidently, this is to make it easier for new, independent teams to enter Formula 1 - Max predicts 12 teams and a 24 car field for 2008 (vs. today's 10 teams).

Of course, there is no way that the FIA can do anything to control budgets - they can change rules that affect the base cost of going racing, but if a team has money they will spend it (wind tunnels, vehicle dynamics simulators, software simulation, and so on). Next on Max's list, turning back the tide.

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