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Daihatsu had a big day today in Frankfurt unveiling two concept vehicles, both of which make us hopeful that the company finds its way back to the U.S. soon. The first is the HVS or Hybrid Vehicle Sports, a lightweight 4WD roadster powered by three electric motors (two in the front, one in the rear) and a 1.5L four-cylinder with DVVT variable valve timing that produces about 97 horsepower. Daihatsu says the car has a spindle-shaped silhouette, which we'll have to take their word on because we can't recall the silhouette of a spindle at the moment. It's an attractive design that looks good from nearly every angle and the wrap-around interior looks more expensive than what you would expect to find in a Daihatsu. The lightweight body and advanced drivetrain allow the HVS to sip petrol at the rate of 55+ mpg and cover the quarter mile in about 17 seconds. That's not particularly brisk performance by anyone's standards, but that's the price you pay for mpg.

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