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The D-Compact 4x4 was Daihatsu's other unveiled concept today, and the one more likely to be actually produced. Nothing revolutionary here, just a small sport-ute with attractive styling, limited off-road capability and a somewhat underpowered engine (at least for this American's taste). The D-Compact 4x4 uses the same 97-hp 1.5L engine as the HVS concept, which may be fine for the confines of a European city but wouldn't do hauling the family cross country to Disney Land. The styling, however, is attractive with a relatively long wheelbase combined with short overhangs. Daihatsu's already done internal crash-testing on the D-Compact 4x4, so expect it to go on sale everywhere but here in the near future.

We would've had actual pics of the Daihatsu D-Compact 4x4 from the show floor but one of our laptops was being ornery, so official pics is all we've got.

Daihatsu D-Compact 4x4 450 ABDaihatsu D-Compact 4x4 450 ABDaihatsu D-Compact 4x4 450 ABDaihatsu D-Compact 4x4 450 AB

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