Young racer Fiona Leggate, besides being the only woman racing in the 2005 British Touring Car Championship, is championing the cause of alternative fuels by racing a Vauxhall Astra powered by bio-ethanol.
The BTCC is open to any fuel; an LPG-powered car has competed in the past, but Fiona's green (what else?) Astra is the first bio-ethanol entry. Sponsored by Energy Efficient Motorsport, a government-funded organization, and prepared by Tech-Speed, the car runs on a mix of gasoline and ethanol, with the goal of running 100% on ethanol.

A growing interest in alternative automotive energy sources could see more series following the lead of the BTCC. Rather than dictating one fuel, as the Indy Racing League has done with ethanol, an 'open fuel' rule would better demonstrate that alternative fuels can be competitive with gasoline. It could add a very interesting new dimension to motorsports.

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