Back in college, a few years and pounds ago, my friends and I did some endurance mountain bike racing, including a few stints at the 24 Hours of Canaan. We did so by traveling throughout the country in my '85 Chevy G20 van, a vehicle that was worth less than any one of the bikes that hung off of its rack. For those that are inclined to push the limits of their bodies and have more money than the average engineering student, Land Rover is offering a specially equipped LR3. It has teamed up with companies such as Cervelo, Specialized, Zipp, Polar, and Yakima to create a package containing just about anything one needs to compete in a triathlon, expect the part that does most of the work - you're expected to fill that role. Unfortunately, there's no word as to whether it comes pre-stocked with Hostess snack cakes and Black Flag CDs. As for me, I'm looking at the monthly payment on such a rig, and instead seeing an amount that would quickly add up to a replacement for my tired GT LTS Team. Hey, it's seen more off-road mileage than most of the Land Rovers sold in the US.

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