While Ford of Europe has dropped its plans for an ultra high performance Focus RS that was said to produce up to 350 bhp, it has soldiered on with the development of a new Focus ST. While it doesn't live up to the hype generated by the RS rumors, the new ST will handily trounce the old Focus RS around the Nurbürgring. It features a 2.5L Duratec five-cylinder that's turbocharged to produce 222 bhp, which will propel the hatchback to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The suspension and brakes have been upgraded and the exterior has also been tweaked for more attitude. We especially like the 18-inch alloys filling out the fender flares. On sale starting October 1st, the new Focus ST will begin at £17,495 or $32,180. Just goes to show you how different the Euro Focus is from the one sold in the U.S., as Americans wouldn't pay over $32,000 for a Focus if it was dipped in gold and filled with lottery tickets.

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