I was particularly interested in a post a few days ago about RV dealers being inundated with orders for motorhomes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. While the RV industry was expecting a mild decline in sales due to rising fuel costs, the hurricane has turned the industry upside down creating unusually high demand as the typical summer travel season comes to a close.

My father and uncle, owners of Neff Bros. RV Rental in Lorain, OH, are on their way to New Orleans as we speak in a caravan of motorhomes. It turns out construction companies who are headed south to help in the clean up effort need to rent motorhomes indefinitely for their employees who will be living in the area for a while. If you have a relatively new motorhome that's sitting in your driveway and would like to put it to good use, call a local motor home rental company (Yahoo Yellow Pages search here). They will able to rent out your motorhome to construction companies who will pay for its use and the cost of insurance.

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