Dan Neil, an L.A. Times Staff Writer, has written a well-worded and brief review of Ford's new Fusion. He first of all does an excellent job of explaining the Fusion's understated value as a five-seat, four-door sedan that gets 30mpg and costs around $20K. The car certainly nails those fundamentals, as well as adds a pinch of style to boot. What was really insightful about the article was Neil's point that perhaps Ford's full-on marketing blitz involving broadcast and print ads, music tour sponsorships, NASCAR and so on, is missing the Fusion's point. He cites the recent reality check of Hurricane Katrina as a catalyst for consumers growing appreciation of products that simply do their jobs well with little fan fare. As everyone knows this car is very important to Ford's future, and this review considers it adequately equipped to handle the responsibility.

[photo courtesy of Carlos Chavez/LAT]
[thanks to RJL for the tip]

UPDATE: Here's a review of the Fusion posted today on The Car Connection.

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